b'In the working world after graduation, it is more likely that individuals will continually evaluate their own performance or have their performance evaluated as part of a team, compared to academic practice, which too often evaluates the individual in relationship to their peers performance and which creates a competitive environment that may discourage collaboration. Staff member, Cornell University Center for Teaching ExcellenceIve noticed a real increase in false-alarm students. Students give made-up excuses to get out of exams, get extensions. This is very disturbing and I dont know how to deal with this. It is definitely an issue now. Professor,HorticultureSuggestionsTest exams on a colleague before they go out to students. Students get stressed when there are mistakes in an exam.Consider untimed exams. While this is vital for students with some learning disabilities, it can also reduce tension for mainstream students.Consider providing practice exams or old exams or review sessions for an exam.Establish a formalized mechanism through which students can appeal project/paper deadlines or ask for an examHelping Students Balance Stress63'