b'I use my own example of a Permanent Incomplete my freshman year, a D in Psychology, and many B grades in Arabic and related areas as an undergraduate to show that ones success in a given field is absolutely not related to ones undergraduate grades but to ones success at learning. Professor,Near Eastern StudiesStudents can panic when the career path they are following isnt working. Often there are a variety of related fields that might be a better fit. It is important in teaching to use examples that illustrate some of the less- publicized careers. When I taught physics for biology majors I illustrated points using careers outside of pre- med: optometry (optics and lenses), physical therapy (statics of muscles and joints), radiology (radioactive decay and dose calculations), and forensics (ballistic pendulum). I covered the required content while opening their eyes to a variety of career choices. I would always get appreciative comments from students who discovered a new direction.Director, Engineering Teaching Excellence InstituteSuggestions Many academic departments on college campuses create web pages, weekly emails, bulletin boards or newsletters for majors to communicate departmental information. Students, particularly freshmen, may find such sources of information helpful in visualizing future jobs and finding undergraduateHelping Students Balance Stress65'