b'research opportunities, TA opportunities, internships and summer jobs. These communication tools can be used to keep students informed about activities and remain connected to the department. Students in departments with undeclared majors should have the opportunity to sign up for newsletters to make the transition into a major as smooth and as informed as possible.BUILD CONFIDENCE Use teaching methods that are motivating and relevant to students with diverse characteristics with respect to age, gender, culture, etc. Encourage the sharing of multiple perspectives. Demonstrate and demand mutual respect. Ive studied and excelled for years in order to get here, and now I feel like there is no respect for what I already know; I feel like an empty vat waiting to be filled.First-Year StudentHarry Greene made my experience in freshman year totally worthwhile. He had so much enthusiasm for his work, and it was obvious that he wanted to interact with every student in a class of 500. Although I struggled a bit in class, his vibrancy drove me to do the best I could.Sophomore Helping Students Balance Stress66'