b'My first semester, Professor Bell was supportive and understanding. He would listen, give feedback, and he helped me see the positive aspects of myself. He genuinely cared. If it wasnt for Prof. Bell and the ILR staff I would have left school, because I had two tragic deaths in my family and I was diagnosed with ADD that semester.ILR StudentWhen Professor Hazen speaks calmly and looks me in the eyes, I can tell she is really listening to my questions and concerns. The way she speaks calms me. Her body language is accepting and warm even though her coursework is extremely rigorous. She never seems rushed, and I have no issues asking her about anything. Human Development StudentBeing in a new culture, and returning to college after 10 years, made it hard for me as an international student to cope with stress and academic requirements. Prof. Scott Peters genuinely believed in my ability to write my M.P.S. paper. He told me, Just write and dont worry about how you do it; that is where we come in to help you. And with that, my confidence was rekindled and I excelled.M.P.S. Student, EducationHelping Students Balance Stress67'