b'The process of doing research . . . makes you feel part of the larger community.Junior, Biology and SocietyThere needs to be a symbiotic relationship between all the participants in university learning that will provide a new kind of undergraduate experience available only at research institutions. Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates in the Research University Undergraduate research strengthens students connections to faculty and peers and engenders respect, learning by doing, cooperation vs. competition and real-world experiences. The increased amount of undergraduate research taking place is one of the more significant changes in undergraduate education over the past few decades. University Dean of Arts and SciencesI schedule a half-hour appointment with each student to discuss their research topic. They usually spend about 10 minutes on the topic and then I ask about their interests, background, etc. It takes the better part of a week, but it is worth it for them and for me. Professor,HorticultureHelping Students Balance Stress71'