b'Suggestions Provide information to students on opportunities for undergraduate research at your institution and encourage students to take advantage of those opportunities.PREPARE TEACHING ASSISTANTS TO BE MOST EFFECTIVEThe TAs often know more about the students than we do. They can be the first ones to notice that a student is in distress. Professor,Biological and Environmental EngineeringI meet with my TAs for one hour per week and train them to be good TAs; its like teaching another course. My experience as a TA in college fueled my desire to be a professor. Professor,Finance, Accounting, and Real EstateSuggestions University faculty members offer these suggestions for enlisting help from your TAs: Hire TAs not because they got high grades in your course but for their ability to teach and relate well to students. Make holding office hours a top priority for TAs; require them to post their office hours and be there for thoseHelping Students Balance Stress72'