b'needed. Since then, Ive been trying to work through all the administrative and academic planning nonsense by myself, and its been very difficult. JuniorI found my advisor on my own initiative by asking friends about various professors. Although Professor Goldstein was very busy, he responded promptly to my request and was a good listener as I described the research situation.I needed advice on. He took me seriously and offered concrete information. He presented information in an approachable way and helped me connect with others for my academic and personal development. Senior Encourage administrators at your institution to provide training, encouragement or incentives for faculty to develop and use their advising and mentoring skills and to focus on this role with students. Address workload issues for department faculty and ensure an appropriate balance of time for publishing, teaching and advising. Asking students who wish to see me to schedule an appointment at least a day or two in advance is aimed at accomplishing two things: it gives the student a chance to organize thoughts to present them cogently when we meet and suggests to the student that respect for others time and need to plan is a sign of maturity.When a student indicatesHelping Students Balance Stress74'