b'the need to meet right away or as soon as possible, that properly indicates an emergency and signals the need to respond immediately to a potential crisis. - Linda B. Hobgood, Speech Center Director, University of RichmondIf a student chooses their advisor in their major, the advising is very well done.Professor,Finance, Accounting, and Real EstateI try to be relatively flexible with my office hours, and I make sure I ask my advisees loads of questions courses theyve taken, topics theyre interested in, what they think theyre good at, what they hope to do after collegeto get a sense of how to advise them. I also urge students to be proactiveto pester me via email if they have a problem. I remind them that theyre adults and ultimately responsible for their education. I see my job as an advisor as demystifying what can sometimes seem to be a big and difficult institution to navigate. Professor,HistorySuggestions Consider creating a questionnaire for students to assess their advisors, including questions about faculty accessibility, hospitality (welcoming and feeling comfortable), interest inHelping Students Balance Stress75'