b'ACADEMIC CONCERNSMy mother suffers from a severe mental illness. When her worst symptoms manifested during my junior year, I was in despair, and it was very difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, because my family was falling apart. I just want all faculty members to keep in mind that every student is fighting his/her own battle and to try and be compassionate and flexible when a student approaches you for help. AnonymousWhen I felt uncomfortable directly suggesting CAPS to one of my students, I decided to list CAPS as one resource to students in a longer list of resources on campus.I told the student that we have a number of great offices that can help him/her succeed, including the Writing Center, the Office of Disability Services, and CAPS.Then I explained how each one workednot only did it make it easier for me to give my student a direct but gentle referral, but it also made that student aware of more resources! - Alyse Knorr, English TA, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, George Mason UniversityAcademic Concerns91'