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Institution-wide Campus Suicide Prevention

Virginia Suicide Prevention Resource Directory, 2020 (PDF/1.10 Megabytes)
This directory is designed to provide a comprehensive easy to use reference of programs available in Virginia to assist individuals who may need suicide prevention resources. The directory also provides a list of available resources that are needed when people are impacted by suicide. Whenever possible, all known national, state, and local resources are provided.

College Peer Support Programs for Mental Health, 2020 (opens new window)
Created by Hokie Wellness at Virginia Tech this frequently updated spreadsheet provides a list of mental health-based peer support programs from institutions across the country. Links to programs are provided where possible along with a brief description. If you know of a peer support model or program that is not listed, there is an option to submit one for review and possible addition to the list.

Supporting the Whole Student: Promising Practices for College and University Staff to Integrate Mental Health Promotion in the First College Year, 2020 (PDF/9.40 Megabytes)
Created by Active Minds and drawing on case studies and Active Minds' Healthy Campus Framework, this report seeks to address barriers that may impede progress on mental health promotion for first-year students.

Research and Suicide Prevention: Top 10 Findings, 2018 (PDF/.87 Megabytes)

Mental Health on College Campuses: Investments, Accommodations Needed to Address Student Needs, 2017 (PDF/2.64 Megabytes)
From the National Council on Disability comes this report based on a study that was done to ascertain the challenges faced by college students with mental health disabilities on campus and to supply feasible, targeted guidance to rectify them. Findings call attention to policies, procedures, and laws that present considerable challenges to the academic success of students in higher education with mental health disabilities.

Virtual Learning Lab: Campus Suicide Prevention, 2016 (opens new window)
This online learning lab consists of different modules that can assist colleges and universities with setting goals, planning, and implementing effective suicide prevention programs and trainings. Each module consists of step-by-step guidance, activities, worksheets, and examples to help campuses move forward, overcome challenges, and prevent suicide at their institutions.

Connectedness and Suicide Prevention in College Settings, 2012 (PDF/.374 Megabytes)
This article presents a definition of connectedness and four core components of a connectedness framework along with intervention implications for suicide prevention on college campuses.

Peer Involvement in Campus-Based Suicide Prevention: Key Considerations, 2011 (PDF/.852 Megabytes)
This document helps to guide you through the process of sucessfully creating and implementing a peer helper program. It will briefly review the research on college student suicide, define relevant terms, classify models for peer involvement, review eight key considerations for planning a program, provide examples of programs, suggest topics for future work, and provide additional resources.

A Framework for Developing Institutional Protocols for the Acutely Distressed or Suicidal College Student, 2006 (PDF/3.23 Megabytes)
This publication is the product of a consensus process led by The Jed Foundation to develop a list of the key issues to consider in developing a comprehensive, campus-wide approach to managing at-risk students.

Restricting Access to Lethal Means on College and University Campuses (PDF/.062 Megabytes)
Steps to assess and implement the restriction of means for suicide on higher education campuses.

The Jed Campus Program (opens new window)
This program is designed to help colleges and universities promote emotional wellbeing and mental health programming, reduce substance use, and prevent suicide among their students.

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Colleges and Universities (opens new window)
Specific information to help higher education institutions develop ways to prevent suicide from occurring on their campuses.