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Media Reporting Guidelines

Suicide Media Reporting Recommendations, 2018 (PDF/21.8 Megabytes)
These guidelines provide updates from previously published national and international suicide reporting guidelines, along with updated recommendations for reporting on suicide using social media. The goals of these guidelines are to support journalists in creating effective news stories that inform the public and increase awareness about suicide and its complexities, while reducing risk of additional suicides. Adoption of these guidelines will reduce the risk of suicide for those vulnerable to suicide contagion and allow journalists the freedom to tell stories that make a difference.

Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide, 2016 (PDF/1.09 Megabytes)
From the site, (opens new window), this guide provides a list of easy to understand "do's" and "don'ts" when it comes to properly reporting on suicide along with reporting suggestions for online media.

In Depth: Covering Suicide, 2014 (PDF/.228 Megabytes)
This is a comprehensive tip sheet, created by the Dart Center Europe, for journalists who cover deaths by suicide.

Samaritans' Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide (opens new window)
Samaritans, based in the United Kingdom, provides this extensive website with guidance for reporting on a variety of suicide related situations. There is guidance on how to properly interview family members that have been affected by the suicide of a loved one. Additionally, they provide guidance on how to properly cover the topic of suicide in documentaries, dramas, and in literature.