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Scope of Services

White Paper: A Multidimensional Understanding of Effective University and College Counseling Center Organizational Structures, 2019 (opens new window)
Featured in the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy this white paper: (a) provides a historical background on counseling and mental health services on college campuses; (b) argues that, based on current research, there is no single organizational structure that is optimal; (c) makes recommendations about factors to consider when making decisions about the counseling center that are based on specific campus needs and resources rather than a preferred organizational structure; and (d) advocates for a collaborative care model regardless of organizational structure. The white paper can be accessed through institutional log in, or it can be purchased for $47.00.

Strategies for Addressing Mental Health Support on Campus, 2019 (PDF/.928 Megabytes)
This article overviews relevant federal legislation and liability concerns, highlights trends in counseling center practices, and offers recommendations for campus mental health policies and practices.

Meeting the Escalating Demand for Mental Health and Well-Being Support (opens new window)
A report by the Education Advisory Board (EAB) detailing alternative approaches to campus mental health interventions so that campuses can handle increased demand. Instead of only utilizing "traditional" methods of treatment such as individual counseling, EAB makes the case for adding interventions like support groups, online resources like TAO, and resilience training.

Establishing a Sustainable Scope of Service (opens new window)
Created by the Education Advisory Board (EAB) this guide is designed to assist campus counseling centers in developing a realistic scope of service statement. In addition to providing guidance, it provides examples of scope of service statements from schools all over the United States.